The School's Foundation fulfils the important purpose of raising funds to assist the School in fulfilling its mission. It does this through the promotion of voluntary giving to the School.

Tax deductible gift funds operated by the School include a Building Fund, Scholarship Fund and Library Fund.
Since the inception of the School in 1979 succeeding generations of parents have regularly contributed, according to their means, to the Building Fund. In the last number of years we have raised over a million dollars in this way, which has greatly helped the ongoing expansion and development of the School.

  • The Building Fund. This tax deductible fund is designed to raise money to purchase land and to construct buildings and other facilities for the School.
  • The Scholarship Fund. These tax deductible funds are used to assist the School to provide Scholarships to new and existing students of the School.
  • The Library Fund. This tax deductible fund raises money for the library collection and for the ongoing development of the Odell Learning Resource Centre.

The Foundation operates under the leadership of the School Board. All funds raised by the School's Foundation are used to enhance the learning experience of students at Pacific Hills.

Part of the reason for the Foundation's existence is that Tuition Fees alone do not provide for capital expenditure. Your gifts to the Foundation are of great benefit to the School, in particular facilitating the modernisation of buildings to support our teachers in their work of educating the children in our care and preparing them well for their future.

All donations are welcome, whether large or small, to help provide a well resourced School now and into the future.

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