From our Principal

I welcome you to Pacific Hills Christian School. It is a pleasure for me to help you find out more about us. I have been with the School since just a few years after its inception in 1979, with the vision to build a centre of teaching, learning and serving excellence that honours Christ.  We began with eight students meeting in an orphanage and have grown to well over a thousand students today.

Adaptation and changes in the use of technology, and the delivery of education, are all moving at an unparalleled rate. Pacific Hills is at the forefront of this thinking and we are evaluating and embracing change as it comes, enhancing quality into learning results for our students, and equipping and preparing them for their future. At the same time we understand the value of providing a safe environment and the value of belonging to a school community where children, families and staff are respected, known and accountable to each other.

At Pacific Hills Christian School, we believe we can provide a unique education that will prepare our students for life in the marketplace, and help them discover their full potential, with the knowledge they have been created to honour God in the way they live their lives