Creative Arts @ Pacific Hills

Pacific Hills is committed to the Creative Arts in Christian Education and provides professional lessons and instruction in multiple areas.

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Our aim is to help you achieve just that. As a School, we are committed to helping you reach your goal in whatever genre you choose in the creative arts. We believe that together, with God’s gift in you, extraordinary things can happen.

Music in Class

Junior School
Junior School Music is a time for creativity, play, experimentation and learning. Students participate in games to gain skills in listening and movement which compliment the student's exploration on instruments such as djembes, glockenspiels and of course, singing.

Middle School
Middle School Music maintains the ideas of fostering creativity through performing, listening and composing while giving student's confidence. The skills learnt in reading music are the same as those of learning another language and involvement in this course helps students to become well rounded citizens. We look at several exciting topics including 'African Music', 'Music which makes a difference' and 'The Guitar' through a variety of means including Mac's, iPads, guitars, drums, African instruments and boomwhackers.

Senior School
Senior School Music is where students can focus on their main instruments, push boundaries in creativity, musical styles, practices and thinking. Here students seek to understand the complex and often monumental effects music has on our lives from birth until death.

Years 9 and 10
This exciting course is a chance for students who enjoy music to focus on an instrument of their choice. Alongside becoming more proficient on their chosen instrument, students will compose, listen to and appreciate music in a variety of styles.

Years 11 and 12

  • Music 1: This course is for students who love Music, but have not had much traditional musical training. The course involves performance, composition, aural and musicology. In the Preliminary Course these are equally weighted in time and assessment. In Year 12 there is a lot of choice for students to study in areas of musical interest.
  • Music 2: This course is designed for students who have been studying music for some time. They need to be competent on their instrument and be able to read traditional notation. The course involves performance, composition, aural and musicology. In the Preliminary Course students must study the topic Music 1600-1900 and one elective topic, chosen in conjunction with the class teacher. In the HSC Course students must study the topic 'Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian Focus)' and one elective topic, chosen in conjunction with the class teacher.
  • Music Extension: This course can only be studied in conjunction with Music 2 HSC Course. This course is designed to enable students to specialise in an area of music, either performance, composition or musicology. Performance study includes performing three contrasting pieces, one of which is an ensemble piece. In composition students will submit two pieces and process diaries, with a maximum time for both works together of six minutes. The musicology essay is 3000 words on a topic of the student's choice.

Visual Arts

Junior School
In Junior School we seek to foster inner creativity through Visual Arts. Each student is creative and has something to tell us about their life and experiences through their art making practice. The process of making art is of the utmost importance, understanding that we learn a great deal through creating. Students look at Observing the World around them, Aboriginal Art, Families and the Environment.

Middle School
Visual Arts in Middle School is a time for colour, thinking and creativity. Students study a range of art appreciation and theory which is drawn upon as inspiration for a range of artworks, from drawing to clay and painting to lino prints.

Senior School
Years 9 and 10 Visual Arts is a course for students to be creative and experience a wide range of artistic styles. Some topics include Pop Art Superheros, Landscapes, Appropriations, Surrealists, Lino Prints and the Mini Archibald.

Years 11 and 12 Students work in the areas of Art Criticism, Art History and Art Making. Art Making is drawn upon Art History and Art Criticism. As part of the Year 12 Visual Arts course students create a 'Body of Work'. They are expected to work as practicing artists creating a large cross section of work throughout the year. They then select their best material for their final marking.


Junior School
Junior School Drama provides children with great enjoyment and helps develop their confidence. The three main aspects covered are performing, appreciating and making drama.

Helen O'Grady
This Drama group for Junior School students is the perfect opportunity for students to develop confidence in a safe space. The group is focused on growing student's creativity, promote listening, concentration and public speaking skills in a fun way through games and other activities.

Middle School
Drama in Middle School is a part of the English curriculum and involves the study of play scripts and drama activities.

Senior School
The Drama program focuses on developing confidence in verbal and physical expression through improvisation, playbuilding, script work, group and individual performance tasks. Students' creativity and imagination is honed through experimentation and discovery. The skills and experiences learnt through problem solving and communicating in a cooperative setting set students up to be innovative thinkers and effective, influential leaders in society.

Years 9 and 10
Units of study include; Intro to Drama: Playbuilding, Acting, Improvisation, Mime and Movement, Theatresports, Clowning, Scripts: Writing and Performing, Group Devised Performance and Ensemble Work, Melodrama, Monologues, Audition Technique, Shakespeare.

Years 11 and 12
Units of study include; Improvisation, Playbuilding, Realistic Acting, Producing a Play, Group-Devised Performance, Australian Scripts, different Theatre Styles, Individual Project, Costume, Set, Lighting and Publicity Design, Video Production, Critical Reviews, Scriptwriting, Directing, Monologues.


The Hands on Performing Arts program is offered to Junior School students in Years 3 and 4 and Middle School Students in Years 5 & 6. Students have the opportunity to be involved in a huge range of musical activities including performing, listening and composing while focusing on a particular instrument or voice.
Years 3 and 4 Groups include: trumpet, trombone, tuba, clarinet, saxophone, flute, strings, guitar and singing. All instrumental students are required to have their own instrument for practice at home and to bring to HOPA every Tuesday.
There are several performance opportunities throughout the year with the final major performances presented with the Junior School Art Show.

Years 5 and 6 are rotated per semester through singing, drama, composition and ensemble.

All enquiries regarding HOPA can be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Musicals play a significant role in our School. Involving students from Years 3 to 12, musicals provide an opportunity for students to use their talents in areas including singing, dance, drama, playing musical instruments and technical aspects of theatre. Past shows have included "Hairspray", "Prince of Egypt", "Seussical", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" and "Honk". The experience of a School Musical is a memorable one for all students and allows for students from Junior, Middle and Senior School to work to together, develop their skills, and create an outstanding performance.

OneMaker Academy

OneMaker Academy is an initiative of Pacific Hills Christian School, launched in 2013 for the performing arts. The direction and coordination of many music and dance programs available to Pacific Hills students is set by OMA. It is seen to complement our students experience of the music, dance and drama curriculum and enhance their journey within the performing arts.


The OMA office is located on the lower level of the Performing Arts Centre, where most Music and Dance programs take place. OMA is a forward-thinking academy available to the community as well. People of all ages and levels from the community are able to access all of our services, including Music tuition and Dance classes. With the impressive facilities and team of industry professionals, students from Pacific Hills and the community will be inspired to dream bigger, achieve excellence and be nurtured to use their creative gifts to MAKE DREAMS RISE!

Our Mission

  • To bring glory to God by encouraging excellence in all aspects of creative and performance development.
  • Nurture and cultivate creative expression, natural abilities and musical potential through establishing successful music and dance programs, and other initiatives.
  • Build and foster healthy professional relationships with music educators and performers, local schools, surrounding communities, like-minded businesses and international partners for access and mentorship of OMA students.
  • To support and invest in the mentors, teachers and performers of the Performing Arts industry associated with OMA.

Our Facilities

  • 472 Seat Performance Auditorium
  • 100 Seat Performance Space
  • Industry standard Harlequin Dance Floor
  • 6 Recording Studios & Practice Rooms
  • High-end music and recording equipment

Our Services

  • Private Music Tuition
  • Paired Music Tuition
  • Instrument Hire
  • Dance Classes
  • Private Dance Coaching
  • Band Program Management & Coordination Recording Projects
  • Music & Dance Festivals and Events

Private Tuition

Private Tuition is offered at OneMaker Academy during school time for Pacific Hills Students. Many parents prefer this time to allow for other commitments and travel after school. However, we also offer after school lessons if this is more suitable. All instruments are available for tuition. OMA provides the option for students to work towards exams and instrument grading. Most students who take this option work through the AMEB, but other options can be arranged.

All tuition is held at the Performing Arts Centre, on the lower level. The state-of-the-art tuition rooms are air conditioned, sound-treated and are set up for recording through iPads or computers.

Further information for booking and enquires can be found here.

Band Program

The Band Program at Pacific Hills offers a number of different music streams that are diverse, challenging and a lot of fun. Concert Bands, String Ensembles, Jazz Bands, Rock Bands and Vocal Ensembles are offered to all students. A development pathway of these traditional and modern musical groups is also implemented to cater for beginners through to highly competent players.

Instrument hire for band, tuition or HOPA is available through OMA for Pacific Hills students. The form can be found in the Band Handbook.

To enrol in a Band or if you have any enquires, please click here.

Dance Program

The Dance Program is an exciting opportunity for students of all ages and levels to participate in performance troupes and technical classes. With our team of talented Dance teachers, our program offers Acrobatics, Ballet, Breakdancing, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop and Jazz styles.

Private Dance tuition is also available to students who are looking for specific coaching at any level, predominately for Ballet and Contemporary/Lyrical styles.

To enrol in a Dance Program or if you have any enquires, please click here.

Instrument Hire

OneMaker Academy offers a range of wind, brass, string, percussion and guitar Instruments for hire to those students who participate in HOPA, Band Program and Music Tuition at OMA.

For more information and applications for instrument hire with OneMaker Academy please see the click here.