100% Get 100%

yr12 augustine maths web 01Imagine a whole class getting 100%! A perfect score! This happened in a Pacific Hills Maths class and what made it even more amazing was that some of those students were Year 11 students sitting Year 12 Augustine Maths. Not only that, a very significant percentage also achieved top bands for Extension 1 Maths!

Many of the students have been together in Augustine for much of their Middle and Senior School years. For Isabel Weston, Augustine is a reminder to use the gifts God had given her and to commit her work to Him.

“On my best days, and my worst, I remembered to extend my mindset beyond schoolwork. Sure, academics are a great way to honour God and the blessings He’s given us, but so is serving the community. So is engaging in meaningful friendships with your classmates. So is Church, so is Bible study”.

The support of her class, Mr Lee's belief in her abilities and her faith in God are what helped sustain Sharni Selzer.

“The impossible things became possible: balancing maths and my other subjects, serving in church, playing tennis, completing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh, working, applying for leadership and achieving a band 6 for Mathematics. For me, the aim of my Augustine journey was not to achieve a first rank or to get 100% on an exam, instead my focus was on enjoying the journey, the friendships I made and learning all I could through the experience.”

For Saki Yoshizumi, her favourite thing to do as a class was pray before going into exams.

“We would huddle together outside the classroom and one of us will pray. Teachers pray for us too before they start the timer, but there’s definitely something special about doing it ourselves. I‘m so happy that we achieved great results as a class”, said Saki.

Georgia Wang learnt that Augustine was about more than just study and being smart. Her perspective of mathematics changed from not only viewing it as a subject, but a time to bond with her peers.

“Before exams or stressful exam periods we would try to study together at a library. This would help everyone with their weaknesses or topics that they were unsure about.”

Lachlan George found Augustine beneficial for meeting and working alongside people that he would not typically talk to, as well as self-discipline.

“The tight bond that’s formed in the Augustine class still remains even though we’ve finished our HSC examinations. The program has taught me self-discipline and has shown me that failure is not always a bad thing. There were a few assessments where I did not do particularly well, but through hard work and the incredible support of others in the class I was able to finish with a result that I could be proud of.”

Having the same goal to glorify God through their efforts and results is what Shu Ya Chong believes helped unite the class together.

“We would ask each other questions whenever we are stuck on a topic, we would comfort each other during stressful times and we would encourage each other throughout the whole journey”, Shu Ya said.

Dominic Chan attributes working as a team and gaining perspective beyond school as key to achieving outstanding results.

“The discipline and life lessons that Mr Lee gave us were really helpful in letting us know that there is more to life than the HSC and that we should do our best for God”, Dominic explained.

For Daniel Ra, an active lifestyle outside school helped him to keep his mind free and focus on maths when he needed to.

“Going for runs, being involved in church worship team and youth groups helped give me that balance between work and play”.

Susan Lee is thankful for having Mr Lee for three years and Mrs De Bruyn for a year, seeing them as more than Mathematics teachers but as life mentors.

“They sincerely wanted us to develop, not as just maths ‘nerds’, but as God’s people, wise and humble. As we grow, God will do fascinating things with us. I hope I never forget how He has led me through my maths journey and will continue throughout my life.”