Junior School Writing Week

little scribes writingJunior School had a fun week taking part in Littlescribe’s Mini Writing Festival. This has been a unique opportunity to interact with 13 of Australia’s most treasured children authors who were excited to share and inspire the writer in each child. Throughout the festival authors have shared their insights into the writing process, discussed their motivations, challenges and inspirations for writing, and revealed their tips and tricks. All of the authors share a common passion; the importance of children’s literacy, and passing on their love of writing to inspire young writers.

Junior School students also had the chance to participate in a guessing competition of the teachers’ favourite children’s books. A Book Writing table was also set up in the Passive Area and they finished up the week with “dress like an author day” where students could wear their favourite comfy item of clothing. It has been exciting to take part in the workshops but also see the creative work of our students as they get those creative writing juices flowing.

junior school writing week