Best Guard Of Honour Ever

Year 12 in middle schoolLooking back over this very unique year one of the biggest highlights for Pacific Hills and New Hope was the way we celebrated our Class of 2020.

With COVID restrictions preventing Year 12 students from a traditional send-off, they were treated to a colourful and joyful parade which meandered past the classrooms that had been a part of their journey over the years.

The students were applauded for their achievements by loud cheering and clapping, lively music, an explosion of colour from balloons and streamers, and the popping of party poppers.

It was also an emotional occasion for the parents who cruised through the driveway in their cars to pick up their children. They were greeted by large banners expressing our thanks for their support over the years, which led to many of them offering tearful responses…

"In our daughter's words it was the best Guard of Honour ever. She will never forget this for the rest of her life. The last kiss and drop pick up was so fun and colourful, thank you for making it so special. We’ve been at the school for 13 years and we are so blessed to have our kids in a school were the teacher really cares and support them. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!"

"The BEST Guard of Honour ever! Our daughter and all her friends were really surprised and touched by the efforts and enthusiasm of everyone in cheering and celebrating this special Graduation Day."

"I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team who have really made this week a wonderful celebration of the students time at Pacific Hills. Although it has been different it has in some ways felt more inclusive. It has been a celebration of all the students, seeing them all receive gifts and hearing the cheering it was an amazing way to end their time here. It was a Guard of Honour not to be forgotten."

"Thanks so much to all the staff and students who put in the extra time and preparation to make this week so special. It is such a blessing to be a part of this community."