I Can't Remember A Time When I Didn't Want To Be An Engineer

Pacific Hills Year 12 student Lachlan Vos has topped the state in Engineering Studies in the Higher School Certificate.

Lachlan has been a strong performer in Technologies for some time and is a member of the all-conquering F1 in Schools STEM Challenge race team which won the State Finals (on the School's first ever attempt), came 4th at the National Finals and is preparing to compete at the World Finals in 2021.

Lachlan plans to pursue a career in electrical engineering, just like his father, and will study at UNSW.

Lachie first in state HSC engineering studies

"One thing that has intrigued me for years about engineering is its ability to explain the man made world around us, and how inventions and innovations enable us to live more convenient and more enjoyable lives. I’m generally quite a curious person, particular in how things work, so engineering just makes so much sense for me as a career pathway. I love cars and all things related so would love to go into engineering related to this passion of mine. I’d also love to enter a career helping people through engineering, such as medical or safety, as these would be incredibly rewarding."

Lachlan said his interest in engineering started when he was quite young.

"I’ve been really heavily influenced by my dad’s career in electrical engineering and loved every second of him explaining engineering concepts and ideas to me at a young age. I have memories of watching over his shoulders as he designed and soldered PCBs for car tuning, always fascinated with the technology on display. I didn’t really have a defining moment where I decided “I want to do this as a career”, it was a case of my desire being boosted by every engineering project or camp that I did."

Lachlan's passion for fast cars is one reason why he became involved in the F1 in Schools program and it contributed to his understanding of engineering formulae and processes.

"Doing lots of research taught me about aerodynamics and other forces acting on a car, and working with Josh Kan for concepts and testing and Lachlan George for manufacturing, we managed the fastest car at State. For the National Finals the car and engineering content received significant overhauls ultimately giving us the third fastest car. I learnt so much about how best to work as an engineer in a team as we efficiently designed, produced and tested multiple prototypes. I am so excited and proud to be a part of the collaboration team, Celestial, as we prepare to take on the world's best teams. For anyone with an interest in engineering I would recommend F1 in Schools - 10/10!"