2020 Graduates Inspire Year 7 and 10

Past Year 12 Students Visit Year 7 and Year 10Graduates Susan Lee (Dux), Georgia Wang, Saki Yoshizumi, Lachlan Vos, Lachan George and Justin Lee took time out of their newly found freedom from school and came back to Pacific Hills to share the wisdom and insights they had learnt with the next generation.

They provided tips on how to make the most out of your high school experience and to ensure that your final mark was your best.

They shared about how to do well in their studies, especially with regards to Maths, Science and English, and how to cope with stress.

They shared on the importance of a balanced life. Whilst studying is important and should be met with intense commitment and devotion, in and out of school activities such as church, youth sessions, sport and music should not be disregarded. These activities are important in order to enjoy a full experience during Years 11 and 12.

The Year 7 students were provided with ideas and suggestions on how they could make the best use of their time in Middle School through becoming involved in the School community.

Opportunities included serving in musicals, going on mission, taking part in all school activities such as swimming, athletics carnivals, community service days, Thank You Week and R U OK? Week.

The alumni addressed the Year 10’s on what to expect in the coming year and throughout 2022 in the Augustine Maths and Science programs. They gave a detailed account of their HSC experience, how it works, what the students can prepare for now, and how best to navigate the pressures and requirements of the HSC.

Throughout the entire presentation the graduates continually brought their success in the HSC back to God. They glorify God in everything that they do and said how the students should aim to glorify God in everything they do even in studying and school.

Lots of questions for past Year 12 studentsThe graduates were inundated with questions from an engaged and thankful audience.

Year 7 student Sarah Lovemore enjoyed the experience, "They told us about all the fun experiences from when they were at school. They also told us how HSC and ATAR works. The key thing I learnt was that Senior School can be very good fun, and the importance of getting involved in all the opportunities that Pacific Hills Christian School gives us such as Mission, Musicals, being Prefects, but most of all trying my best."

Special thanks to Susan Lee, Georgia Wang, Saki Yoshizumi, Lachlan Vos, Lachan George and Justin Lee for placing value on our Year 7 and 10 students and for igniting a passion to give their very best in all that they do.