Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball teamsYear 11 and 12 students from Community and Family Studies were offered the rare opportunity of a fun filled morning playing Wheelchair Basketball, as an incursion to explore the services and opportunities available to people with disabilities.

Wheelchair Sports NSW/ ACT is a charitable organisation with a mission to change the lives of people living with disability through sport.

Stephan Rochescouste was our student’s instructor for the day. He gave the students an insight in to what it is like to live with a disability, providing an overview to how he moves from point A to B in a wheelchair and the resource management required to achieve that successfully. This included how he, as an individual with the disability of Spina Bifida, can drive a car.

Students were split into four teams. The two teams that waited on the sidelines for their turn were met with questions and asked to discuss amongst themselves what solutions they saw to the problem presented. Questions included “What can we do as individuals to help ensure people with a disability are feeling included in society?”

Wheelchair basketball pacific hills

Stephan stated that “The day started with great energy vibrating from the kids, from the moment they walked in the door to the moment I left. I was greeted with respect and gratitude by everyone involved with Pacific Hills Christian School.”

The red and blue teams engaged in friendly competition quickly caught on to wheelchair basketball. The students noticed that, unlike running, in a wheelchair your mind is thinking two steps ahead to move the chair into the correct location to receive the ball.

This incursion deepened the students' understanding surrounding the HSC dot point “to analyse the influences on resource management for individuals with a disability”.

Pacific Hills Christian School partners with our sister school New Hope providing the opportunity for autistic children and those with other disabilities to participate in integrated lessons with Pacific Hills students.