Mission to Pacific Brook

Painting murals at Pacific BrookFor many Year 12 students this would have been the last mission trip of their high school career. What better way to finish than to serve and build community within our Pacific Group of Schools and support Pacific Brook Christian School.

The students served the community of Muswellbrook by dedicating their time and musical giftings. The weekend was filled with activities that our senior students had planned and prepared including mini-Olympics, a community BBQ, a School worship night, painting murals and handball / hopscotch lines.

The students of Pacific Brook were extremely excited to welcome our Year 12’s, to play games, compete in championships and form a connection with Pacific Hills. Our Seniors organised and oversaw a mini-Olympics for 80 students. Lilli Langton recalls, “Although it was slightly chaotic at times, it was a wonderful experience to bring such joy to so many little faces, just by putting coloured ribbons in our hair, zinc on our faces and teaching sub-par chants!” It was wonderful for our students to witness how small gestures can be greatly appreciated.

PHCS Year 12 visits PBCS

What an honour it was to be able to use the musical talent and giftings evident within this graduating class to host a worship night and barbecue for the school and the wider community within Muswellbrook. Gathering under the stars to worship our mighty God was the largest event Pacific Brook has ever seen.

The weekend will have a lasting impact upon both Schools and created fond memories amongst the students. “It was all the little moments of creating cardboard slides down grassy hills and serving burgers to young families, as well as knowing we had helped create an even more fun school for kids whom we got to know over the two days, that really made the trip and made us so, so grateful for the opportunities and blessings God has given to us.”

Thank you to Pacific Brook Christian School for welcoming us into your School and providing the opportunity to serve your community.

weekend workshop painting PBCS