Respectful Relationships and Consent Education

Panel discussing respectful relationships PHCSIn recent months, there has been extensive media attention and public discourse surrounding the issue of sexual consent education for young people and the potential role of schools in addressing this important and sensitive topic.

What has become apparent, through recent discussions and analysis of the broader social context, is the critical significance that both respect and empathy education play in forming strong, healthy and caring relational foundations.

A Biblical approach to the matter of relationships, necessitates a foundational understanding of the dignity and value of each person, as created by God, in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Our School communities should be places where people are valued, honoured, cared for and respected regardless of gender, age, ability or personal beliefs.

As such, on Tuesday 15th June, Pacific Hills Christian School held seminars for all students in Senior School on the important topics of “Respectful Relationships and Consent Education”.

Panel on consent educationThese issues were addressed through panels with Andrew Waters (Assistant Principal), Justin Cox (School Chaplain) and Lauren Graham (Pacific Group Director of Wellbeing) answering questions on such subjects as boundaries, respect in relationships, the impact of pornography, sexual harassment, sexual assault and support that this available to those who are dealing with any of these concerns.

The Senior students are to be commended for the maturity they showed in listening to and engaging with these complex concepts. It is our hope that through this ongoing process of honest discussion within our school communities, we will continue to engage and empower our students to make wise and godly choices in these significant matters.