3 Angels Mission School

3 Angels Mission School in NepalPacific Hills have shared a close relationship with 3 Angels Mission School in Nepal. Since 2018 our teachers have gone on mission to serve the school and the community.

3 Angels is an organisation that aims to stop human trafficking altogether and it hopes to give every child in Nepal an education. Many rescued children have no homes or communities to go back to, so education in Nepal is their only means of survival. It provides them with essential life skills so that they can live independently.

A significant number of survivors are reunited with their families, 3 Angels then educates the families and communities on human trafficking. The school is currently caring for 50 homeless and rescued children in the homes of staff members. Students of the 3 Angels school are learning from home however this is made increasingly difficult as majority of the students do not have access to the Internet.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Our Year 12 Students had the privilege of participating in a Zoom prayer meeting with Mr Ramesh Pandey, the Principal of 3 Angels Mission School. The students were deeply moved by what Mr Pandey had to say. He shared that his neighbours had contracted COVID 19 and died from the virus. He and his wife tested positive at the end of 2020 but thankfully have recovered. He went into detail about families in Nepal who are struggling to afford food with many not having sufficient money to purchase wood so that they may cremate loved ones who have died from COVID – 19.

Following a virtual tour of Mr Pandey’s home and meeting his lovely wife the students prayed for Mr Pandey, his family, and the 3 Angels school community.

Year 12 prayer meeting with 3 AngelsMission to 3 Angels