The Adventurous Journey

Silver duke of ed PHCS 2021Students were able to squeeze in one last adventure before being confined to the Sydney Lockdown. In the last week of Term Two, three teams set out to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold adventurous journey portion of their Duke of Edinburgh International Award. An award that shall hold more significance this year due to the Duke’s passing in April 2021.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award consists of volunteer service, physical recreation, learning a new skill and completing an adventure. It seeks to develop the character of students through challenging, but manageable adventures. When faced with a difficult situation, we want the students to reflect on the difficulties overcome in their Adventurous Journey, think logically and rationally, work out solutions and hopefully to find reserves within themselves and with their friends to rise and meet these new challenges.

Students completing the Bronze Award went hiking while Silver and Gold canoed.

Bronze Duke of Ed 2021Gold Duke of Ed PHCS 2021

Students braved the cold winds and made incredible memories as they were pushed to their limits. Faced with cold, rainy weather, unfamiliar terrain in the Southern Highlands during winter, cooking on a Trangia stove, washing up without a dishwasher and spending two nights out sleeping in tents, the students responded very well and in fact revelled in the trying conditions.

The 2021 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze cohort under the guidance of Mr Hawke, Mr Tan and Mr Lees have safely returned from three days and two nights bushwalking near Moss Vale, south of Sydney. This was their practice Adventurous Journey and for many was their first experience of camping under canvas.

In September, they will undertake the Qualifying Journey, where they will be wholly responsible for their navigation, food and ensuring that they complete the journey safely and within the timeframe.

Pacific Hills wishes our students all the best as they complete the challenging yet rewarding accomplishment of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Silver Duke of ed Pacific hills