Culinary Creations In Lockdown

Learning to cook at homeWhat’s on the menu at Pacific Hills…mouth-watering chocolate cupcakes, delightful pancakes and tasty wraps! Welcome to our version of Masterchef!

Year Five is making the most of the lockdown by learning new culinary skills and feeding their families.

The nine week gastronomic extravaganza was organised by Mr Lees, one of the Year Five Teaching Team, and in true Masterchef style it kicked off with a Mystery Box recipe. At the halfway mark of the course they celebrated their achievements by baking for a Zoom morning tea with their classmates.

Delicious chocolate cupcakes

Students are preparing for their next serving of ANZAC biscuits and muffins which will be followed by pizzas, desserts, a stir fry and the big finale…hosting a family dinner party!

Mr Lees said, “I wanted to show the students that there is a positive side to this lockdown. COVID is providing us with new opportunities and one of them is having the time at home to try new things.”

“The students really love it and it has added new excitement to learning from home. The parents are just as excited, not only because of what the students are learning, but also because the students have to wash up and clean the kitchen
after every session.”