Term 2, Week 3, 2021 - Devotion

“You have no reason to fear when God has called you to this place and at this time, but you have every reason to be afraid if you leave it all up to you”

Dr Boyce reminds staff that we are called to be here at this place and time to work at Pacific Hills Christian School. And what an amazing privilege it is to be part of this educational learning community. We are encouraged each day to know that our Creator God has a plan and purpose for us to fulfill His overall plan for creation.

The Bible has many examples of people who heard God’s call at certain times and for specific purposes, but they were scared to answer His call. Moses was quite unsure as to whether God had chosen the right person to speak to Pharaoh, let alone lead the Israelites out of Egypt even after God demonstrated His power and presence through miracles (Exodus 3-4). Gideon argued with God that he would be victorious in fighting the Midianites (Judges 6) and Joshua had to be reassured to lead Israel across the Jordan into the Promised Land (Joshua 1). Peter was reluctant and so didn’t identify himself as a disciple of Jesus (Matthew 26).

All these people including ourselves have been invited to partake in history and be a part of creating and building God’s kingdom and yet we have spiritual denial, thinking our way is better. The Creator who made the Earth and holds it together - we question and doubt in our daily actions and decisions. God is the one who has boundless grace, love and mercy. Everything that happens in the world He knows about and He is in ultimate control. We need to move away from being self-righteous and self-sufficient and lean in and trust God, but we can only do that through His unlimited grace. It is this overflowing grace that will allow us to follow Him and be who He is creating us to be. Be comforted that when He calls, He goes ahead and with you. Are you ready?

Further encouragement: 1 Peter 2:9-10.
Source and inspiration – Paul David Tripp

Mr Darren Elliott
Year 6 Advisor