Junior School - Term 2, Week 8, 2021

RoboKids Event
It was wonderful to see so many parents attend the OneMaker RoboKids event this week. The students enjoyed showing their amazing creations and demonstrating their ingenious ideas. Thank you to Mrs Jennifer Taylor for coordinating these after hours activities for the students.

Mobile Phones and Watches
All mobile phones and smart watches/communication devices that are brought to school must be handed to the Junior School office upon arrival. These are not permitted to be used by Junior School students whilst at school.

If your child is not using public transport, it is most likely not a safety requirement for them to have such a device and therefore it is not recommended.

Parking in the Prep Area
The Prep Carpark area is reserved for Prep parents who also have toddlers and the signage is highly visible. This area is a permit only parking area. To use the Prep carpark, you must apply for a permit to be displayed when using this area. Please refrain from using this carpark if you do not have a permit. The application for this permit will be sent directly to the Prep families who need to access this carpark.

Thumbs Up Awards
One of the components to the Junior School positive behaviour plan is the Thumbs Up Awards. The tokens are fun for the children to receive, and the weekly draw is also an enjoyable part of the week. However, the true value of these tokens is in the moments of conversation between teacher and student as they are being handed out. As the teachers present the tokens to students, they are careful to explain why the award is being given. For example, “Well done, you have remembered to line up safely” or “Thank you for assisting the younger child with their bag, you have been helpful today”. These conversations are the real reason we have the tokens because it provides the children with that little moment, and a piece of information that will encourage them, and remind them they are on track. Children need this on a regular basis.

Every week we gather the thumbs up awards in a letter box for the draw and most weeks I estimate close to 1500 tokens are handed out. I am so encouraged by this because each token represents a positive conversation, it speaks of a word of encouragement that has been given or a time where a child has been recognised for their efforts.

Mr Scott Cousins
Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary
15 June Music Camp Concert 6 - 8pm
15 June Drama Club - Lunch performance
17 June Year 3 Cockatoo Island Excursion
25 June Last day of Term 2