Middle School - Term 2, Week 8, 2021

Year 6 Camp
Year 6 Camp starts next Wednesday. Parents are asked to bring their children to the Bus Bay at 6:45am. This is always a great camp at Canberra. We learn a lot about how blessed we are living in Australia at this time. We reflect on the people of the past with their mistakes and blessings while all the time remembering God is with us. We return to school at 4:45pm on Friday.

How children use devices
Children need help with how they use devices – laptops, phones and tablets. The language we use in Middle School regarding BYOD laptops in that “parents are in charge of the device”. This is to support you in your management of your children’s laptops as they are used at school and at home.

In regards to device safety, we would encourage you to take opportunities to discuss with your children the practical steps that you take with things like Airdrop, passwords, “friending” people and giving yourself healthy limits with use, etc.

Additionally, simply “being with your children” while they use their device and observing how they use it provides helpful important for parents. Although a parent may have the same app (for example) as a child, it doesn’t mean that children use the app in the same way as adults.

Celebrating Middle School
This week there were a number of Middle School staff and students attending the annual Music Camp. For three days our students were able to refine their music skills and practice with other students from Junior, Middle and Senior School. Thank you to all the teachers that went to Galston for the three days to make this camp such a success.

Mission Connections: Even in this time of COVID our teachers and staff are connecting with schools overseas. This week our Year 7 students had a great time connecting with students in the 3 Angels Mission School in Nepal. Checkout the photos on the Middle School Instagram account.

Mr Gavin Neale
Head of Middle School

Dates for your Diary
16 - 18 June Year 6 Camp
21 - 25 June History Week
25 June Last Day Term 2