Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Enjoyment of Spring time
In the seasons of life we can rejoice in the ways in which God allows us to experience change and celebrate His goodness. With the darker and cooler days of winter behind us, we can have a spring in our step as we enjoy the newness of life in the trees, the flowers, the fruit and at the same time, there is a sense of new beginnings. Having lived in Canada, where there is a marked difference in the seasons, I experienced a newness and freshness of Spring, when people came to life in terms of meetings with each other, picnics and generally spending as much time outdoors. I encourage you to teach your children to enjoy the special nature of Spring, perhaps by pointing out the new life on trees, gardens and bushes, so you can celebrate together with them.

Year 12
Although we are sad that our Year 12 students are not with us for this final week of Term 3, we have been able to share with them in different ways such as, providing individual gifts to collect as they drove through this week. I would like to thank the teachers and staff, for the efforts that they put into this exercise and the love that they have shown to the students. Please pray for our students as they finish their studies and sit their exams in November/ December.

School Holidays and Term 4
I trust that all School families have a relatively relaxing and refreshing time and I want to encourage members of our community to spend less time looking at screens and more time in the outdoors, being active physically and taking opportunities to connect with people personally where possible.
We look forward to the commencement of Term 4 on Wednesday 6 October, after the long weekend and the Professional Development Day for our staff.

Again, we are thankful for the community in which we live, here at Pacific Hills and New Hope School. We are thankful for our School Board, which had a meeting this week to consider the budgets for 2022. Please pray for them. We are also thankful for the parents of the School, the wider families, and in many cases, grandparents. We are also thankful for each and every student and each and every staff member of our School. From our perspective God has called us at this time, to this place for His purpose, so we entrust ourselves to Him.

Please pray for one another with thanksgiving. Please pray for His blessing on the lives of others in our community and as well as our own lives. We will be assisted in our Christian lives by praying for others outside our community as well. There is so much for which we can pray and in praying for others, we look not to our own interest but to the interest of others, which is what the Bible teaches us to do.

Staff Devotions
This week over three days, we were blessed to have several of our Year 12 students share Devotions with us; Zac Farr, Captain, Rachel Dearden, Captain, Olivia Langton, Vice Captain, Matthew Brisbane, Vice Captain, Jasper McCrindle, Malia Massey and Joshua Ma. It was a real encouragement to hear from these students in their final week of schooling here at Pacific Hills. I too, had the privilege of sharing with our staff for the remainder of the week.

We continue to receive applications and arranging Zoom meetings for interviewing families who want their children in the School going forward. We are delighted to see the continuing interest by parents and the growth of the School.

NAPLAN Results
Please be aware that the NAPLAN results will be posted to posted of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 this week to receive in the coming days/ week ahead.

Meeting with Archbishop Kanishka Raffel
On Tuesday 14 September, Mark McCrindle, Dr John Collier and I, had the privilege of an extended Zoom meeting with Dr Kanishka Raffel to discuss the essence of authentic Christian education in a Christian school community. Dr Raffel is a wonderful Christian brother who has a desire to please God and serve others. It was a great blessing for me to commence a journey of fellowship with him.

Finance Committee Meeting
The Finance Committee of our Schools held a meeting on Tuesday 14 September, and I want to express deep appreciation to Mr Ben Seumahu, who is on the Board of Pacific Coast Christian School, Mrs Helen McDougall who is on the Board of Pacific Hills Christian School and Mr Peter Draper who is a former Treasurer of the Board. We are so blessed to have the wisdom, experience and commitment to the School, of these members of our community.

Board Meetings
On Wednesday 15 September, we held a meeting of the Board Executive prior to the Board meetings held on Thursday 16 September, of Pacific Hills Christian Education Limited and New Hope School. Please pray for the Board as decisions continue to be made, especially in this challenging time of change and struggle.

Regional Schools
Please continue to pray for each of the Schools of the Pacific Group of Schools. Although they are in regional areas they have still been impacted by lockdowns until last week. Please pray for the Boards of those Schools as well as the staff, students and parents.

  • Pacific Coast Christian School at Tweed Heads, Mr Patrick Donnelly, Principal
  • Pacific Hope School at Tweed Heads, Mr Kyle LaMarre, Director
  • Pacific Valley Christian School at Maclean, Mr Brett Sharrock, Principal
  • Valley Hope School at Maclean, Mr Nathan Murray, Director
  • Pacific Brook Christian School at Muswellbrook, Mr Damien Gainsford, Principal

Dr EJ Boyce