From the Principal - Term 2, Week 4, 2021

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
School Song - Learning to live, Living to learn
As an educational community we are thankful for the School Song, which reminds us that we both learn to live and live to learn by being in our community. That is true not only of our students but for our staff and indeed for the parents of our School. It is by living that we learn and therefore, learning is not just about the transmission of knowledge. “Learning to live” means living life to the full that it can only be understood from God’s point of view as our Creator.

“Living to learn”, highlights the importance of accumulating knowledge, understanding and wisdom and then putting it into practice. One of the most important ways to learn is by practising the precepts that we are taught by the examples of others.

These understandings are at the core of the Christian education provided by Pacific Hills Christian School.

Thanksgiving and Prayer
We continue to be so thankful for living in Australia and for having the freedoms that we enjoy and largely being able to live by the values which are underpinned by our Christian faith and heritage. As I have stated before, prayer is an act of faith. That is faith in God and therefore, faith in the One who is much bigger than we are and much more powerful and on Whom we can depend at all times. So, let us pray for the circumstances of our lives in the world at this time, specifically in Australia but also for us to pray for one another, as some of our community members are undergoing serious trials and matters of concern.

Staff Devotions and Visitors
This week we were thankful and blessed to have share with us, Mr Michael Walsh, former student, currently studying at Sydney Missionary & Bible College. Reverend Bob Frisken, former CEO of New Hope International Limited and Rev Dr Ross Clifford, Principal, Morling College. We were also blessed to have staff members, Mrs Amity O’Connor, Year 5 Advisor and Mr Chris Baldry, Pacific Group Business Manager share with us.

On Monday 10 May, Mr Saloom Aslam, Teacher from Australian Christian College, Marsden Park, visited with me. On Wednesday 12 May, Mr Mark McCrindle, Board Chairman, and I visited NSW Parliament House and held several interesting and productive meetings with the following people:

  • Mr Geoff Provest MP, Member for Tweed
  • Mr Christopher Gulaptis MP, Member for Clarence
  • Mr Lyle Shelton, soon to replace Rev Fred Nile MLC
  • Mr Mark Latham, MLC
  • Mr Stephen Kamper, MP

Proposed National Curriculum
In the media recently there has been much attention given to the new Proposed National Curriculum. We are continuing to monitor this process and have some significant concerns about any attempts to dilute the teaching of our children with regard to our Christian heritage, not only for our own students but the students of our Nation. Please pray into this matter.

Visit to Year 4 Camp
On Thursday 6 May, it was special for me to visit the Year 4 Camp. it was wonderful to see the excellent new facilities that have been built and I am thankful for the quality of service of the Crusaders’ staff.

I would like to thank the staff for their excellent administration for the tests for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. These tests are diagnostic and therefore are a barometer for us to see how well our students are performing against other schools in Australia. Results are made available to parents and schools in September.

Sporting Events
Congratulations and thank you to the staff and students who were involved in each of the following sporting events this past week.

  • Wednesday 12 May, Combined Independent Schools (CIS), U/18 Rugby League
  • Thursday 13 May, Hills Zone Sports Association (HZSA), Rugby Union Trials
  • Thursday 13 May, Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES), U/16 Rugby League

Lynn McCrindle
Congratulations to Mrs Lynn McCrindle, first Teacher of Pacific Hills Christian School, who attended a function on Thursday 13 May to receive her well deserved, Order of Australia Medal.

New Hope School
Please continue to pray for the students and staff as we continue to be thankful for the new building program which is progressing well.

Regional Schools
We are so thankful for the wider community of Schools within the Pacific Group. Please continue to pray for our Regional Schools:

  • Pacific Coast Christian School at Tweed Heads, Mr Patrick Donnelly, Principal
  • Pacific Hope School at Tweed Heads, Mr Kyle LaMarre, Acting Director
  • Pacific Valley Christian School at Maclean, Mr Brett Sharrock, Principal
  • Valley Hope School at Maclean, Mr Nathan Murray, Director
  • Pacific Brook Christian School at Muswellbrook, Mr Damien Gainsford, Principal

On Friday 14 May, we celebrated the 4th Anniversary of Valley Hope School. This was a special occasion, and we are thankful to God for the staff, students and families who support this wonderful School.

On Tuesday 11 May, we had a wonderful time with the Regional School Leaders of the Pacific Group of Schools. We enjoyed a time of fellowship and especially the input and training from Mr Brian Cox, Director of School Leadership.

We are thankful for Mr Steven Coote who continues the work of Academic Performance Improvement with the local School leaders at each of our Regional Schools, as we are committed to significant improvements in academic performance in our students. We are also thankful for Ms Kaya Lombaard, Assistant Lead Principal of Pacific Regional Schools, who this week has also spent time at our Regional Schools.

Senior School Students trip to Pacific Brook Christian School
On Friday 14 May, twenty of our Year 12 students travelled to Muswellbrook to visit and serve the community of Pacific Brook Christian School. This was a wonderful time of fellowship and strengthening the connections between staff, students and families. Friday afternoon a Mini Olympics was held for the students, followed in the evening with a BBQ and Worship Night for staff and families. On Saturday 15 May, a School Working Bee took place. This was a great time for students to lend a helping hand in cleaning up the grounds, gardening, painting and also the painting of a mural that reflects the School verse. I am thankful for the staff and students who were involved in this visit, as it was a wonderful opportunity of fellowship and service.

Dr EJ Boyce