From the Principal - Term 2, Week 5, 2021

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting
Dignity to young, elderly, vulnerable
On a recent visit to an aged care facility, I was struck by the need for us to give dignity to the elderly, the very young and anybody in a position of vulnerability. It is when we do this that we grow in our Christian character as we do life like Jesus did. For He said about Himself that He “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. He came to heal the sick and for those who thought they didn’t need help”.

When we show kindness and patience, that is giving dignity to people in need, we are acknowledging that that person is created in God’s image and as Christians we are also acknowledging that Christ died for that person. It is good to teach our children these lessons and they should also learn from our example in the way we trust such people and the attitudes we have towards them.

Thanksgiving and Prayer
We remain so thankful to God for the many blessings we receive daily from His hand. We continue to be thankful for health and the resources available to us at this time, particularly when many parts of the world are still experiencing extreme problems and difficulties with regard to the pandemic.

Please continue to pray for members of our community and for those who are going through difficulties, struggles and grief at this time. Please also pray for Peter and Jo Ong in their ministry for God in Malawai.

We continue to receive enrolment applications and it is delightful to meet with families. We are blessed by so many strong, committed parents who want authentic Christian Education for their children.

Year Group Meetings
This week I had the privilege of visiting and sharing with Year 2 and Year 9 students.

Middle School Da Vinci Decathlon
Congratulations to the following students who recently received Certificates for their achievements in the Da Vinci Decathlon. Thank you to the staff who were involved in supporting the students in these events.

  • Lucy Musgrave
  • Elijah Wood
  • Greta Granitzer
  • Cornelius Jun
  • Claire Li
  • Corban McCrindle
  • Joshua Messer
  • Joshua Ng

42nd Anniversary
We were thankful to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of Pacific Hills Christian School on Friday 21 May with special Assemblies and other activities for this occasion.

Staff Devotions
This week we were blessed to have visit and share with us Senior Minister David Truong, Northern District Chinese Christian Church Sydney and Youth Pastor Roger Hokin, at St Jude’s Dural Anglican Church. We were also blessed to have staff members Mrs Liz Harris, Counsellor, New Hope School; Ms Kaya Lombaard, Assistant Lead Principal of Pacific Regional Schools; and Mr Andrew Waters, Assistant Principal, share with us.

Regional Schools
We are so thankful for the wider community of Schools within the Pacific Group. Please continue to pray for our Regional Schools:

  • Pacific Coast Christian School at Tweed Heads, Mr Patrick Donnelly, Principal
  • Pacific Hope School at Tweed Heads, Mr Kyle LaMarre, Acting Director
  • Pacific Valley Christian School at Maclean, Mr Brett Sharrock, Principal
  • Valley Hope School at Maclean, Mr Nathan Murray, Director
  • Pacific Brook Christian School at Muswellbrook, Mr Damien Gainsford, Principal

We are very thankful for the relationship we have with the Government authorities through NESA which is the accreditation of registration body for non-Government schools. On Tuesday 18 May, we had an excellent visit to Pacific Brook Christian School and received ongoing registration and accreditation because of the high quality of the work done by staff and also by the support of our Pacific Hills staff.

On Wednesday 19 May, we also had inspections from NESA for both Pacific Hope School, Tweed Heads and for our planned Aboriginal School, Pacific Gulgangali Jarjums Christian School. We are thankful for Dr Tina Lamont and Ms Kaya Lombaard who were involved in these meetings and are managing the establishment of the Aboriginal Schools. We are blessed with the quality of administration of these matters of Mrs Belinda Nunn, Pacific Group Dean of Curriculum.

Service at Pacific Brook Christian School
Our Year 12 students and staff had a wonderful and special time serving and being served on their recent visit to Pacific Brook Christian School. This is an ongoing expression of our commitment to serving excellence in our community.

Sydney Prayer Breakfast
On Tuesday 25 May, members of staff, invited guests and I, will be attending the Sydney Prayer Breakfast being held at Darling Harbour. On this occasion the guest speaker will be a business leader, Mr David Thodey, OA.

National Policy Forum
On Monday 24 May, I will be attending the National Policy Forum in Canberra. Please pray for all the leaders and speakers attending this event.

Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) Advisory Council
On Monday 18 May, the AISNSW Advisory Council Meeting was held. We are so thankful for the support that we receive from AIS.

Parent Seminar
On Monday 24 May, Mr Brian Cox, Pacific Group Director of School Leadership, will be presenting at our Pacific Seminar on the topic “Are Wellbeing and Suffering Compatible”. This seminar will be conducted by Webinar and will commence at 3:30pm. Please click here to register.

I would encourage those who would like to attend to please do so, as this will be of great benefit and helpful for staff, parents and students.

Dr EJ Boyce