Senior School - Term 2, Week 8, 2021

Prefects 2021/2022
Congratulations to our new Prefects and House Captains who were inducted at our Senior School Assembly today.

Prefects Joshua Baker, Elise Bell, Jayde Boehm, Flynn Burgess, James Chapman, Alexander Childs, Natalie Chung, Emma Denton, Aaron Harmeling, Amber Jackson, Myah Kassis, Jasper King, Mikayla Kitto, Thomas Langton, Jennavive Le Roux, Lucy Lee, Nicole Liu, Lauren MacColl, Amelia Martens, Emma O’Neile, Charlotte Paix, Zoe Paxton, Thomas Richmond, Tahlia Schramko, Mika Selzer, Morgan Swaak, Joel van Velze, Caitlyn Vos, Christopher Yabsley-Bell, Sophia Yi
House Captains Taylor/Carmichael House: Alexander Childs, Elise Bell
Mueller House: Ethan Glanville, Isabella Kingston
Carey/Slessor House: Joshua Osborne, Angie Mendoza
Elliot House: Seth Whincop, Skye Wickham-Hill

Early Leavers
If you require your son or daughter to leave school early, please provide them with a note stating what time you will be picking them up from school and the reason for them to leave early, or you may email the office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have not provided written authorisation for your child to leave early you are required to sign them out through the Senior School Office. Unless otherwise informed we expect that only parents will collect their child from school.

Mr G Driscoll
Head of Senior School

Dates for your Diary
17 June SS Boys Worship Night
22 June SS Girls Worship Night
23 June Red Shield Appeal Day (to replace Community Service Day)