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Mission & Service

Sharing God’s love through
serving others

The heart of Christian mission is to bring hope, redemption, and restoration to our broken world. Acts of service and compassion enable us to share God’s love and kindness to people in need. Mission and service demonstrate the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Our Heartbeat

The heartbeat of Pacific Hills is extending love and care to others. Service is a Christian value woven into the fabric of our school community.

Character Development

Our students develop character as they learn to serve and gain insight into varying perspectives of life.

Making a Difference

Students learn respect and humility, develop their sense of responsibility, and understand how they can make a difference in the world.

Agents of Change

A Culture of Serving Others

Our students learn to look beyond their own world to serve others and become agents of change.

Local Engagement

Students at Pacific Hills engage in various local initiatives, bridging connections with the community through visits to aged care facilities, gardening projects for disadvantaged citizens, aiding the homeless, FRESH and Compassion Club. Their efforts create lasting bonds and tangible change within the local community.

Australian Outreach

Students actively participate in Australian-based serving opportunities, including the Outback Australia Mission and missions focused on indigenous children in Moree. By immersing themselves in these experiences, students not only contribute to these communities but also gain invaluable insights and perspectives, broadening their understanding of the diverse fabric of Australian society.

International Missions

The culture of service extends far beyond Australia's borders, with students embarking on international mission trips to countries including Cambodia, Moldova, Vanuatu, and numerous other nations. Students play a vital role in bringing aid and support to communities in need worldwide. These international experiences foster global awareness, empathy, and a profound sense of responsibility.

  Tanzania Mission
  Outback Mission
  Cambodia Mission
  Kenya Mission
  India Mission
  Romania Mission
  Vanuatu Mission
  Fiji Mission