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How Our Story Began

Dr E J Boyce

Pacific Hills Christian School was founded in 1979 as Pennant Hills Christian School. It started with eight students and one teacher in two rooms rented from Lutanda Children's Home, Pennant Hills.

The following year enrolments had grown to 41 students with a staff of two. 1981 saw the commencement of secondary education and the enrolment of the first students with disabilities into mainstream classes. In 1985 Dr Boyce commenced as Principal. The School moved to its current site in Quarry Road Dural and was renamed Pacific Hills Christian School in 1986. This year also saw the first Year 12 HSC group graduate from the School.

Today Pacific Hills occupies a nine hectare campus accommodating 1540 students and 210 staff.


The Early Days

At the heart of our school's inception lies a deeply compassionate vision. Prompted by Laurie Cowell, and motivated by personal experience after their son battled encephalitis, John and Robin Odell envisioned a Christian school that would integrate students with disabilities into regular classroom settings.

In 1979, this vision became a reality as Pennant Hills Christian School opened its doors. With just one teacher and an initial cohort of eight students, the School commenced its journey in a leased room at Lutanda Children’s Home.


A Solid Foundation

In the course of its development, the School experienced significant growth, with enrolment reaching a milestone of 198 students. Recognising the need for expansion and a vision for the future, the school strategically secured land in Dural to serve as its upcoming site. This pivotal decision laid the foundation for the school's continued evolution.

At the same time, Mr. Ken Oliver assumed the esteemed position of the inaugural School Principal.


A New Era of Excellence

With the appointment of Dr. E.J. Boyce as the 2nd School Principal, the School embarked on a transformative journey.

In the subsequent year, Pennant Hills Christian School celebrated another stage with the inaugural group of Year 12 students, marking a momentous achievement in our educational journey. Simultaneously, the School relocated to its new premises in Dural, a strategic move that reflected not only physical growth but also the embodiment of our new school name, Pacific Hills Christian School. This dual transition underscored our commitment to progress, excellence, and a vibrant educational experience for our students.


Building Community

Experiencing dynamic growth, our school expanded to accommodate 500 students and a dedicated team of 50 staff members. Illustrating our commitment to serve, Pacific Hills embarked on its inaugural domestic mission trip to Gunnedah, followed by the successful launch of the first School Fair the following year.

As enrolments continued to soar, the School responded proactively by introducing "Middle School," designed to provide children with stability and security during Years 5 - 8. The commencement of Middle School coincided with the completion of our new School Oval, symbolising a commitment to holistic education and the development of well-rounded students.


Enrolments Surge, Logo Revamped

In 1996, the school celebrated a significant expansion with the opening of a new Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) and the Technology Centre. This marked a pivotal moment as the MPC hosted the debut of the first School Musical, "The Witness."

The year 1999 witnessed a milestone when enrolments surpassed 1000 students, prompting the establishment of the first Prep class. Additionally, a fresh identity emerged as the school crest was replaced with a new logo, symbolising a renewed chapter in our school's rich history.


Global Recognition & Expansion

In 2000, our students showcased their talents on a global stage, participating in the "Schools in Harmony" event at the Sydney Olympic Games. This remarkable period also saw the school's Principal, Dr. E.J. Boyce, being awarded the prestigious Order of Australia medal. The School Musical "Godspell" captivated audiences, and another significant landmark occasion occurred with the inauguration of our first International Mission Trip to Kenya. Adding to our infrastructure, a new Middle School Building was officially opened.

In 2002, the construction of a two-storey car park took place, while Middle School Building Stage 2 reached completion. The year 2004 marked a joyous celebration of Pacific Hills Christian School's 25th anniversary, and the opening of a new Junior School Building. A forward-looking approach led to the acquisition of two adjacent blocks, expanding our facilities with additional playing fields. Throughout these years, student numbers continued to surge, reaching 1,116 students.


Milestone Moments in Arts

The School's vibrant arts scene flourished with biennial productions of captivating musicals such as Imagine, Seussical the Musical, Prince of Egypt, Hairspray, and Beauty and the Beast. A significant enhancement to our performing arts facilities came with the construction and opening of a dedicated Performing Arts Centre. OneMaker Academy and Pacifica – the Mission Café were established on the school grounds, with 100% of the café's profits directed towards local and international mission.

A momentous occasion occurred in 2015 with the commencement of New Hope Christian School on our grounds. As a caring Christian school community, New Hope caters to students with a mild to moderate level of Intellectual delay and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. While New Hope has its own dedicated space there are many opportunities for the students to make use of the many facilities on site, including sporting, technology and creative art facilities.


Celebrating 40 Years

In 2019, Pacific Hills Christian School reached a significant milestone with a dedicated team of 150 staff members and enrolments surpassing 1,400 students. The year was marked by a spectacular school musical production of "Mary Poppins," showcasing the talent and creativity of our students. Grand celebrations unfolded to commemorate the School's 40th Anniversary, reflecting on four decades of educational excellence, community, and growth.

Building on this legacy, 2023 emerged as a bustling year for the School. The stage came alive with the enchanting melodies of "The Sound of Music," presented as a captivating musical production. Additionally, Pacific Hills hosted a grand event, PAC-HOPE Family Festival, a spectacular affair that brought together our strong and vibrant community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the numerous volunteers whose dedication and support ensured the smooth running of these events, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of our school community.