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A fun way to start learning

Prep at a glance

8 +
Engaging outdoor activities, including a cubby house, sandpit, trampoline, playground equipment, and bike track.
Large and well-equipped rooms exclusively for Prep students, creating a secure and focused learning environment.
Students per class with a
dedicated staff member for every 10 children.
100 %
Focus on fostering a love for learning through age-appropriate activities and games.
Specialist teachers dedicated to STEM, Music, and Sport, enriching your child's education with diverse learning experiences.

School Readiness Experience

Preppies Program

Our “Preppies” program is a fun way for your child to start their learning journey. It will help them prepare for a seamless transition to Kindergarten. Our age-appropriate curriculum activities are specifically designed to build the foundations of learning by fostering curiosity, exploration, creativity, connection with others and a sense of belonging.

Positive Behaviour

Nurturing and supporting the development of your child intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally is our focus. Our Positive Behaviour Program is embedded in all teaching and learning across Junior School. Prioritising positive behaviour and reinforcing Biblical values gives students a sense of fulfilment and helps them make good choices behaviourally and relationally whilst inspiring their learning capability.


At Pacific Hills, we recognise the dynamic nature of family schedules and prioritise flexibility in our Prep program. We aim to cater to your specific needs and preferences, offering you the option for your child to attend Prep either two or three days a week.
This adaptable approach is greatly appreciated by our parents for its convenience and accommodating nature.

Helping your child thrive

A Safe and Nurturing Community

Your child will be lovingly nurtured and valued

We believe each child is unique and gifted by God
Opportunities to make lasting friendships

A safe, supportive and caring community

Integrated Program

Holistic Educational Foundation

Structured Learning

Our educational program is thoughtfully designed to create a balanced blend of structured in-class and outdoor learning with creative play. We believe in providing a well-rounded educational experience for your child, combining classroom instruction with opportunities to explore the world around them.

Christian Values

At the heart of our educational approach is a commitment to Christian values and faith integration. From the very beginning of their educational journey, our Prep students are immersed in an environment that emphasises Biblical values and teachings.


In addition to spiritual development, we focus on academic excellence by introducing literacy and numeracy skills aligned with the NESA Early Stage One curriculum. Furthermore, we offer specialist lessons in Music, Sport, Science, and regular Library vists, providing a well-rounded education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

But Jesus called them to Him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

- LUKE 18:16

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and visit the School?

Yes, we offer Group Tours and Open Days throughout the year where you can connect with our staff, see our campus and ask questions about how we educate, nurture and holistically care for your child. Click below to view available Group Tours and Open Days.

Do we have to be Christians to enrol?

No. Pacific Hills welcomes families of varied backgrounds and faith to enrol their children. However, all families with children enrolled at Pacific Hills are required to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values. Pacific Hills is required to deliver all teaching in alignment with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. As a distinctly Christian school, the curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective and framed by the Christian worldview.

Does Prep include structured learning?

Yes. Prep classes implement a structured, well-balanced learning program (based on the NESA Early Stage One curriculum) that includes a focus on essential literacy and numeracy lessons, as well as regular complimentary activities such as Music, Art, Sport, and Library experiences. We craft a holistic educational experience through in-class and outdoor learning blended with play.