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Team Building

At Pacific Hills we are passionate about sport and offer a wide range of sporting opportunities, tailored to students of varying ages and skill level. Opportunities are offered from classroom participation to state level competitions.

Students playing basketball
Student in sports uniform playing cricket

Beneficial to All

Our rich sporting program boosts academic learning and student wellbeing. Kindy to Year 12 students routinely participate in Physical Education classes. Students are engaged in regular structured physical activity, coordination skills, fitness, teamwork, building strength and communication. Sports programs encourage your child to discover inherent talents and develop new skills.

Teams-based sporting programs can include Swimming, Athletics, Cross-Country, Gymnastics, Gym workouts, Basketball, Netball, Rugby League, Soccer, Volleyball, Futsal, Cricket, and Bocce.

Enabling your child to participate at a state level in a variety of sports.

Sports Pathways

Championing the sporting passion of our students, Christian Schools Sport Association and Combined Independent Schools facilitate sporting pathways where your child can compete at a zone and/or state level in a variety of sports. Students in Years 4 to 12 are eligible for this sporting opportunity. Options include Swimming, Athletics, Cross-Country, Touch Football, Netball, Futsal and Soccer. Selected students attend gala days and trials, and qualifying individuals and teams are nominated to compete at CSSA events. All successful competitors can be selected and progress to CIS tournaments.

Creating a team spirit and building camaraderie

House Competition

Creating a team spirit and building camaraderie is all part of belonging to a house group. Students from K-12 are organised into four sports clans: Slessor, Carmichael, Mueller and Elliot. Students love the excitement of participating in house groups in competitive events such as our annual Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country carnivals. Additionally, Years 5-12 participate in round robin-based sports activities where they collect points for their sports clanhouse. House group points are tallied up at the end of the year and the winning house is named Pacific Hills House Champion.

Outdoor and indoor sporting facilities are tailored to foster the love of sport

Tailored for Sports

The Pacific Hills outdoor and indoor sporting facilities are tailored to foster the love of sport. Our site boasts two full sized sports ovals, outdoor basketball and netball courts, a sports multi-purpose centre with an indoor court for a variety of sports, a performing arts centre and dance academy equipped with a professional performance stage and specialised tutorial spaces, and handball courts for informal games. Our facilities enable our students to experience a rich and diverse range of sporting opportunities.

In Community

We recognise the significance of physical activity and competitive sports for holistic student development. Students enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle and develop their skills and talents. Simultaneously, team participation fosters respect, collaboration, appreciation of others’ giftings, having common goals and belonging to a valuable community. From Kindergarten to Year 12 your child is offered opportunities for skill mastery and achieving their personal best. It’s a time for your child to thrive.

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