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Holistic Wellbeing

Our goal is to holistically nurture your child in our safe and secure community, enabling them to flourish and live life to the full.

Specialist Support

Compassion, Safety, Inclusion

The Wellbeing Team at Pacific Hills strive to create a supportive environment that is compassionate, safe and inclusive where every student feels valued, cared for and heard. Our professional counsellors provide a wealth of student wellness services to students and their families. Our School Chaplain offers spiritual guidance and encouragement to students.

Resilience, Purpose, Collaboration

Our holistic approach nurtures academically, emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. We aim to empower students to be resilient and find their God-given purpose in life. We understand that wellbeing extends beyond the classroom. We proactively collaborate with parents and external agencies where required.

Strategies and Guidance

We recognise that young people face many social and relational challenges, and our Wellbeing Team is well prepared to support them through difficult experiences. Our Counsellors and Chaplain offer comprehensive strategies and guidance.

Conflict Navigation

Positive Connections

Meaningful Friendships

Effective Communication

Healthy Relationships

Peace Making

Mental Health

Early Intervention

Our Wellbeing Team recognise that a variety of mental health issues can impact children of all ages. We understand how important early intervention and prevention strategies are in relation to mental health. We create a safe environment for students to share their concerns and receive support. We work closely with various mental health care professionals and can seek appropriate help when required.

Early Detection

Safe Environment

Loving Support

Professional Care

Stress Management

Strong Support Network

Academic expectations, peer pressure, relationships, health, trauma, and many other external factors can lead to students experiencing excessive stress. Our team collaborates closely with students and their families to establish a strong support network to assist every child.

Therapy Dog

Comfort & Support

We appreciate that God created animals for us to enjoy. Our therapy dog is a beloved member of our School community and a positive impact on the wellbeing of our students. When students face difficulties, our therapy dog helps reduce anxiety, boosts moods, provides comfort, supports mental health, helps build trust and supports learning.