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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to enrol my child?

To apply for enrolment the School has an online application form for families to complete. Our guide on how to apply will enable a seamless application process. To assist you to understand the enrolment process, the School considers the date the application is received, if the student applicant is a sibling of a current student and/or the child of a past student. We encourage families to apply some years in advance as there are waiting lists across many grades and years of entry.

Does Pacific Hills have open days & school tours?

Our school offers several Open Days and Group Tour opportunities during the year. We would be delighted to provide your family with an onsite tour of Pacific Hills Christian School that allows you to experience our school in action and to get a feel for the spirit of our learning community.

Do I have to be a Christian or attend church to enrol my child?

No. Pacific Hills welcomes families of varied backgrounds and faith to enrol their children. Our school, however, requires all families and children who are enrolled at Pacific Hills to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values that are framed by the Pacific Hills vision which is to be a Christian Educational community as a centre of teaching, learning, and serving excellence founded on Biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour. All students are required to fully participate in all school activities and programs which enables students to explore and develop their personal Christian faith.

Pacific Hills is required to deliver all teaching in alignment with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. As a distinctly Christian school, the curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective and framed by the Christian worldview.

When is the best time to submit an enrolment application?

Pacific Hills is delighted to accept enrolment applications at any time during the school year. There is no cut-off date as such. To apply for enrolment, we invite families to complete the online application form.

To assist you to understand the enrolment process, the School considers the date the application is received, if the student applicant is a sibling of a current student and/or the child of a past student. It is advisable to apply as early as possible as there are waiting lists across many grades and years of entry. Depending on availability, interviews for Year 7 commence at least 18 months prior to entry, and for Kindergarten and Prep in the year prior to entry. Interviews for other year groups occur when places are available.

How can my child join the waiting list?

There is a waiting list for some cohorts. We encourage families to apply early to ensure your child can join a waitlist. To join a waitlist, an online application must be submitted. We will keep in touch to see if you are still interested in a position should a place become available.

What is the entry age for Kindergarten?

Children in NSW are required by law to commence mandatory schooling by their 6th birthday. Your child can begin Kindergarten at the start of the school year if they turn 5 on or before 31 July the year they commence. Children develop and learn in varying ways. As a parent, deciding when your child should start school, it is important for you to consider the readiness of your child emotionally, socially, and academically. Our teachers are always ready to welcome and help your child commence their educational journey in our Christ-centered learning community, nurturing them as valuable human beings with the capacity to learn and develop personally, relationally, and academically.

Does a place in Prep secure Kindergarten entry?
Kindergarten placements are prioritised for our current Prep students and for siblings of current students. Prep students are able to enjoy a smooth transition into Kindergarten feeling secure and ready to continue their schooling having established relationships with our caring staff and with their friends. For all other Kindergarten placements, the date of application is a factor in the prioritisation of applications.
Will there be an Orientation Day before my child starts?

We are privileged to be welcoming new families and new students to our school community. Children who commence at the beginning of the school year, excluding those in Years 6 and 8, will be involved in orientation days to enable smooth transitions, build confidence, make friends, and enable a positive start. Enrolled families will be contacted, prior to the date, with details of the orientation arrangements.

Does Prep include structured learning?

Yes. Prep classes implement a structured, well-balanced learning program (based on the NESA Early Stage One curriculum) that includes a focus on essential literacy and numeracy lessons, as well as regular complimentary activities such as Music, Art, Sport, and Library experiences. We craft a holistic educational experience through in-class and outdoor learning blended with play.

At what age can my child start Prep?

Primary school begins in kindergarten and Prep is for the year before students start formal schooling.

  • children can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn 5 on or before 31 July that year.
  • by law, all children must be in compulsory schooling by their 6th birthday.

The Prep class caters for children the year before a child starts full time schooling, in kindergarten.

The enrolment age for Prep students correlates directly with the entry age for Kindergarten, but the child is one year younger. Therefore, a child can start Prep at the beginning of the school year if they turn 4 on or before 31 July that year.

What are the school opening hours?
At a glance, our school hours are:
  • Junior School: 8.45am to 2.46pm
  • Middle School and Senior School: 8.38am to 3.03pm
  • Reception: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Parents who have work commitments often need to drop their children off early.
Prep – Year 1 students who arrive early can go to the School Library where they will be supervised from 8:00am until the first warning bell. The Junior School teacher who is allocated to supervise the children will escort the children up to the passive area of Junior School at 8:25am.
Year 2 – 4 students must go to the Passive Area where supervision will be provided from 8:00am.

For children arriving prior to 8:00am please speak to Pacific Hills OOSH regarding their Before School Care program.
What extra-curricular options are available?

At Pacific Hills we are committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of our students. We provide a robust extra-curricular program that offers a variety of activities for students to develop their God-given gifts and talents. Options include:

  • Creative Arts
  • OneMaker Academy
  • School musicals
  • Competition sports
  • Lunchtime and after school clubs
  • Academic pursuits
  • STEM
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Mission trips (locally and internationally)
What sporting or outdoor education programs does PHCS offer?

Sport is an important and an integral part of the community and culture at Pacific Hills. We appreciate how valuable sport is to students. It provides opportunity for our students to use their gifts and talents across a range of sporting endeavours. Individual and team achievements are celebrated across the school strengthening moral and school spirit.

Can students at Pacific Hills participate in The Duke Of Edinburgh program?

Pacific Hills Christian School offers students a unique opportunity to grow and develop themselves by participating in Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). Our highly experienced DofE leadership team have been leading Bronze, Silver and Gold Award student teams for more than a decade.

What learning support/extension options does Pacific Hills offer?

At Pacific Hills our specialised learning and enrichment programs are designed to ensure students who require learning support or extension programs can thrive.

Extension Programs - Pacific Hills also offers advanced and extension learning programs known as our Augustine Program, for gifted students. The scope of the program includes enrichment, extension, and acceleration to ensure academically gifted students are challenged, engaged and able to extend.

Learning Support - across the whole of our school, special needs or learning difficulties are identified by collaborative consultation with classroom teachers and qualified resource teachers. The School’s policy is one of inclusion, meaning that all students are catered for within the context of the regular class. Our specialised Learning and Enrichment team provide support and liaison with families to ensure students are nurtured and encouraged to flourish.

What transport options are available?

There are several options for travel to and from Pacific Hills including:

  • Public Transport - Pacific Hills Christian School is well serviced by varying public transport options including school bus services, Train and the Metro train service that arrives at Castle Hill and Rouse Hill allowing students to catch a school bus from these train stations to Pacific Hills. Parents are advised to contact the local school bus companies or to review the bus timetables to determine the specific bus services that best suit their child.
  • By Car - parents/carers may wish to drive their children to and from school. Using our ‘Kiss and Drop Zone’ within our school grounds enables parents to safely deliver their children to our school campus.

Click here for more comprehensive information about transport options, including the various bus companies that provide services to Pacific Hills and the links to their timetables.

Do you teach Agriculture at the school?

Agricultural studies are offered to Year 9 and 10 students as an elective subject. We have a dedicated agricultural plot for students to gain hands-on experience in our gardens, newly established orchard, poultry and visiting animals including cows and lamas. Pacific Hills features a state-of-the-art iFarm, a fully computerised interactive farming and science research station helping students learn about the principles of farming, water usage, solar energy, and waste management.

What languages does Pacific Hills offer?

At Pacific Hills, we understand that our students need a broad range of skills to be equipped to flourish in our world. To increase student capability and help children appreciate other cultures, Junior School students are exposed to another Language, while Years 5 and 6 students learn Mandarin. From Year 7 we offer Mandarin or French as an elective.

Does Pacific Hills have a scholarship program?

Pacific Hills offers academic scholarships for students with strong academic potential, enabling them to excel and develop their academic giftedness. Scholarships are offered as follows:

  • Years 7 to 10 (4 years) and
  • Years 11 to 12 (2 years)
Are sibling discounts available?

Pacific Hills is delighted to offer sibling discounts for local students. Visit our Fees page for further information.

Does the school offer financial assistance?

Pacific Hills is a supportive community and financial assistance is available to families who find themselves in extenuating circumstances outside of their control. This fee relief is a percentage of the Tuition Fees (10-50%) and is assessed based on real, demonstrable financial need. All financial assistance is reviewed annually and distributed to where it is needed most. For more information on the application for financial assistance, please contact our Parent Account Liaison.

Does the school offer Ministry Bursaries?

Ministry bursaries are available to families where at least one parent/guardian is in full-time ministry. This fee relief is a percentage of the Tuition Fees (10-50%) and is assessed based on real, demonstrable financial need. All Ministry Bursaries are reviewed annually. For more information on the application for a Ministry Bursary, please contact our Parent Account Liaison.

Where can I get the uniform?

Hannah’s Uniform Shop is located on the Pacific Hills campus for your convenience. All uniform requirements can be purchased directly from Hannah’s. New students will require a uniform fitting which can be booked online.

Operating Hours for Hannah’s Uniform Shop during term times is Monday-Wednesday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Additional hours of operation are offered during the holiday term breaks. Please note, the peak season for visiting Hannah’s Uniform Shop is during the January holiday period.

Does the school have OOSH/BASC?

Pacific Hills desires to support and collaborate with parents by offering an out of school hours service (OOSH) to provide care for your school-age child. Our OOSH program offers a safe, familiar, nurturing, and Christian-based environment for students in Prep to Year 6.

Special care is taken with Prep and Kindergarten students who are assisted to and from their classrooms by staff members each day.


We are here to support you the best way we can. Your general enquiries, concerns and questions are important to us. We would love to connect with you.