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Years 5-8

Middle School at a glance

Popular handball courts, encouraging active play and friendly competition across the School.
50 %
of class time spent with their core homeroom teacher in Year 7.
Unforgettable student camps each year, offering exciting adventures and lifelong memories.
100 %
of teachers and staff at Pacific Hills Christian School are Christian.
Specialist subjects taught, several in faculty-specific rooms.

A nurturing community

Age Specific Learning

In Middle School we understand that students experience significant changes physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally. Their sense of curiosity and independence is sparked, and they begin to consolidate their values and perceptions of life. Pacific Hills Christian School pioneered a tailored Middle School learning environment in 1997 to respond to the developmental changes in students, providing specified learning programs, resources and purposeful learning spaces.

The Whole Child

We are thankful for our dedicated teachers who are passionate about nurturing, encouraging and guiding each student. We focus on helping students develop their abilities, shape their character and use their unique giftings to serve others and positively impact and contribute to their families, school and local communities.

Serving Our Community

Serving others is a keystone of the Pacific Hills culture. Children who learn to serve develop character, compassion, empathy and courage. Their leadership skills grow and they understand their influence as global citizens in God’s world. Students are encouraged to use their God-given giftings to serve at school, in local communities and mission opportunities.

Christian Education

In Community

In Middle School, our dedicated teachers recognise that every child is designed by God with unique gifts and talents. In our nurturing Christian community, our goal is to help your child grow as a person, develop academic excellence, learn to serve and enrich their spiritual growth.
Our Pastoral Care model, anchored in a Biblical worldview, values every child as significant to God and us.

Dedicated Teachers

Spiritual Growth

Biblical Worldview


Healthy Relationships

Academic Excellence

A place to call home

Middle School features a Home Room where students feel at home and know they belong. Our Home Room Teachers are specially trained to work with adolescents and can effectively connect. They assume a pastoral care role and provide a safe and familiar learning environment where students are engaged in learning, thrive and have a ‘place to call home’ at school.

Learning in a Digital Age

In a digital age, technology is essential to enhance learning. Students grow in digital literacy, gain access to global research information, expand their cultural awareness, gaining insight into career pathways.

At Pacific Hills, technology such as iPads and laptops are integrated into the learning experience. Individual and small group Learning Support is available and can be tailored for meaningful learning.

Quality Interactive Learning

Ongoing Learning and Growth

Starting High School can be overwhelming for students whilst they are also embracing their personal development. Transferring students from a key teacher in Primary School to multiple teachers in High School is a practice of the conventional education system. Middle School is a proven initiative in schooling, helping students seamlessly transition to Senior School. Students remain connected, keep pace and enjoy continuous learning and development. They feel supported, secure and able to progress.

Home Room Teacher

Year 5 to 8 students have a dedicated Home Room teacher providing continuity and support across core subjects.

Gradual Change

Gradual transition to more specialist teachers makes change more manageable.

Specialist Facilities

Science, Visual Arts, Music and Technologies are taught by subject experts in specialist facilities.

Prepared for Senior School

Students are well prepared and confident to transition to Senior School by the end of Year 8.

Middle School implements the NESA curriculum and facilitates customised subjects aligned with NESA key areas of learning.

He is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright, and just is He.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be Christians to enrol?

No. Pacific Hills welcomes families of varied backgrounds and faith to enrol their children. However, all families with children enrolled at Pacific Hills are required to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values. Pacific Hills is required to deliver all teaching in alignment with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. As a distinctly Christian school, the curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective and framed by the Christian worldview.

Can I come and visit the School?

Yes, we offer Group Tours and Open Days throughout the year where you can connect with our staff, see our campus and ask questions about how we educate, nurture and holistically care for your child. Click below to view available Group Tours and Open Days.

Where can I get the uniform?

Hannah’s Uniform Shop is located on the Pacific Hills campus for your convenience. All uniform requirements can be purchased directly from Hannah’s. New students will require a uniform fitting which can be booked online.