Junior School

Quality Learning Experiences and Technology

All educational programs are carefully planned, designed to meaningfully engage students in the curriculum. The latest technology coupled with excellent programs foster skilled, caring and wise learners and users of technology.

Every classroom in Junior School is fitted with an Interactive Whiteboard, connecting with the world around them through the internet, Skype and other useful digital communication tools. A fully equipped Technology Centre provides each student with access to a computer to learn valuable technological skills and engage in research and publishing. A class set of iPads with carefully selected apps matched to curriculum content, enhance learning experiences. Students publish work online and connect with a collaborative community through class blogs and the student online portal 'Moodle'.

Today's students are technologically savvy. Meaningful engagement with the world through technology is a valuable skill that must be coupled with wisdom, underpinned by Christian values.

Carefully organised learning programs and specialist teachers are employed in the Junior School including;

  • Prep Program for pre-school aged children
  • Independent Learner's Classes
  • Augustine Program for gifted students
  • Mathematics Task Centre, utilising a Mathematics specialist teacher
  • English as a Second Language Program
  • Specialist sport teacher
  • Mathletics online learning program
  • Camping Programs for Years 3 and 4
  • Choir
  • Chess Club

Compassion in Action

Our values are not just taught, they are lived!

Compassion Club is more than just a club. It is a team of dedicated Junior School students, led by equally dedicated teachers, showing God's love to people within the school and wider community. Students from Years 3 and 4 volunteer their time to meet fortnightly and plan events. Activities of the Compassion Club include an Easter egg hunt at a school for students with special needs, presenting Christmas concerts at local primary schools and the tradition of donating Bibles to the Children's Hospital – Westmead. Compassion Club members actively seek out students in Junior School who need help and offer their assistance.

Compassion is an action, not just a feeling. Our students are encouraged to act in all situations where needs are identified.


All students are encouraged to show leadership in their daily life at the school, to serve willingly and where able to give generously of their time and talents.

Junior School students are encouraged to lead. Leadership involves using whatever skills and abilities you have to serve others by exercising wisdom, courage and compassion. Students can serve as;

  • School Captains and Vice Captains
  • Prefects
  • House Captains
  • Compassion Club members
  • School Service Program volunteers
  • Year 4 buddies, caring for a Kindergarten child


Christian values are central to every part of Junior School.

Biblical values are at the heart of all we do in Junior School. We recognise that values are caught as much as they are taught.

Our values characters enhance our teaching program by connecting values with appropriate behaviours. They help the students understand what it means to live out each of the values being taught. Each week we focus on a particular value character. Students are reminded regularly about the value represented by the character, the Biblical basis for the value and how these values can be lived out in daily life.

Just for Fun

Learning in Junior School is enjoyable!

Junior School students and teachers love to have fun! Each term we have a visiting performer with a puppet presenting a Christian message to the students. Book Week is celebrated with a dress up parade and literary fun day. Big and Little Games provide a structured, yet exciting activity for students during free play times at lunchtime. Alive is a lunchtime club run by the Senior School Prefects and is a wonderful time of fun and games based around a Gospel message.

Excursions to places like Taronga Zoo, local Fire Stations, Sydney Harbour and the Art Gallery, enhance learning and provide a fun learning experience. Year 3 attend a camp at Crusader's Galston and Year 4 travel to Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains for a wonderful time of exploration and adventure.

Junior School is a happy place to be.

Tips for Parents

These ideas have proven to be helpful for parents with younger children within our Junior School

  • Read to your children from a young age, it provides a wonderful framework for your child as they learn this lifelong skill and the quality time and routines are also beneficial
  • Teach your child to organise their clothing by putting on jumpers and taking them off, turning jumpers in the right way
  • Learning how to pack and unpack bags
  • Practice managing their own food, knowing what to eat first
  • Closing lunch boxes and drink bottles
  • Play games with your child – don't always let them win – children need to know how to lose well
  • Let children take turns – not always being first
  • Organise play dates with other friends, at your house and their house
  • Don't always solve your child's problems – guide them towards finding good solutions independently
  • Visit various places and talk about things to develop your child's vocabulary and understanding of the world around them
  • Find a special regular time every day to read the Bible and pray with your child e.g. before going to bed
  • Teach your child to wait politely for adult attention
  • Have a family time where each person shares about the things they have done in the day or about how they are feeling